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Watercolor Moleskine revisited

I drew this sketch last Valentine’s day (2009) and as I was foraging around my place today, antsy to DO something artsy and visual, but not feeling like starting a whole new project from scratch, or wanting to rack my brain on thinking of something original, I looked over and saw my watercolor Moleskine sitting on the shelf and I went “hmmmmm…” I flipped through some of the pages and came across the initial pencil sketch and I thought… “yep, I’m going to add color to this.” So I did. I added it with regular and watersoluble graphite pencils and then swirled water around on it, but I resketched the heart first (since initially it was a Valentine day type heart).

My heart has been “fluttering” lately, and so I have an appointment set up for May 3rd with a cardiologist for a check up, but aside from the obviously physical heart “issues” I have also been pulling attention and intention to my heart. I find that the more I am in my heart space, as opposed to my head space, the better choices I make in relation to all of my actions.

I just finished listening to Gary Zukav’s podcast from the Healing With The Masters website (though they update the podcasts to the most recent speakers, so it may not be Gary’s interview you will encounter at the link). It was an awesome interview, in which he discusses the concepts written about in his new book Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power (being released later this month) and the guidelines to follow in order to establish them.

There is always an intricate synchronicity to our journeys, and when we pay attention we get to notice them. This interview resonated with me on several levels: firstly, it called my attention to personal responsibility… that I am responsible for myself, how I express myself and how I choose to react to external stimuli. The thought here was not to disengage from feeling, nor to sink into the emotional wave that rises, but to notice it, feel it and choose my course of action. Essentially, it is an exercise in self-mastery. It also pointed to how we also can choose to manipulate (self and others), by imposing our own ideals and judgements upon others, or allowing others to do the same. This too was enlightening. The whole (new age) Lightbearer concept is based upon convincing others that you have the best magic carpet ride to enlightenment, and to come onboard for the ride because their soul will thank you for it later. This model simply leads by example, focusing on our beautiful (and unceremoniously flawed) humanity, acknowledging and working with our limitations so that we may transcend them by using more than our five senses. Now that I can chew on.

And finally, as if the aforementioned was not already enough, there was a portion of the interview that brought up an example of an executive who becomes unemployed and how someone with whom he is in a Spiritual Partnership (as opposed to just merely a friendship) asks him these incredible questions… questions that resonated with me on so many levels because they addressed the very things that I have been grappling with since being let go from my most recent job, as well as the previous one. I thought… “wow!” I thought “I really needed to hear this, now, and feel what these questions feel like in my body, and find the source of the things that I am feeling so that I can move past this because otherwise the situation will present itself again.” So… I’m feeling… and thinking… and processing. And that is a good thing.

Illustration Friday – “dip”

A day or so late… but at least I finally finished a Friday prompt… LOL!!  A composite of multiple graphite drawings, scanned and imported into Photoshop, manipulated and printed on inkjet printer and then colorized using water soluble graphite pencils.

In the heart of winter…

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there lay within me an invincible summer. – Albert Camus

I decided, this morning, that I needed to create today. I’ve had these materials out since before the holidays, in preparation for the moment when I would feel assailed by creative inspiration. Well, maybe it comes as no surprise that I just haven’t been feeling it lately. I’ve been stuffing it, instead, perhaps waiting for a moment when, after properly incubating, I’ll feel like birthing something. Actually, I kinda feel like shit today… have been for weeks now, but ever the trooper, I keep trying to make some semblance of cheer (thinking like the rest of the world that if I paste that smile on, that I’ll become convinced that I’m a happy camper), even though I’ve stalled big time on just about everything. A moratorium of feeling… uncomfortably numb. I’ve felt that if I pulled out my art materials, without getting my other (read: more important) duties done (like the 2007 taxes, for instance) that I’d get major stink-eye. But… fuck it, you know? It’ll all get done sooner or later, and the place is quiet (well, except for some Sarah McLachlin streaming from my iMac), and I’ve burned some incense and smudged the whole blessed place in an effort to get the sticky energy flowing… So… here’s the start… it’s for my December Chapbook collaboration project. The Camus quote was a sort of springboard, if you will, for the concept of the piece… the return of light amidst the darkness… all that. The sheets will get cut up into 5.5″ x 8″ ‘pieces’ which I’ll work on some more (read: attach things to… paint some more… and since it’s “wintery” stuff, stick some fake glitter-snow on).

February 11 Awe-Manac art…


Use Sidney Sheldon’s book title, The Stars Shine Down, as your title for poetry, prose, journal entry, collage, doodling, drawing with your eyes closed, or rambling out loud in a random stream of consciousness…”

from The Awe-Manac: a Daily Dose of Wonder, by Jill Badonsky

Another Moleskine sketch

Playing with my water soluble color pencils (though I didn’t apply any water to them this time… at least not so far). I found out that Barron Storey now has a blog from my friend Kelly… woo-hoo! I’m a huge fan of Barron’s work and have one of his pieces hanging in my bedroom. Hope to see more of his stuff… maybe at San Diego Comicon.

The White Journal

Color Erratica Journal Round Robin
White Journal Layouts

Wow… I finally finished working on my white journal. The paint and glue have dried. The photos are shot. I just need to pack it up and send it off in the mail tomorrow. The photos would be clearer if my husband’s shoulder wasn’t so sketchy, and so his hand isn’t quite as steady as he’s shooting photos, but they work, in a pinch.

Now I just need to finish up my black journal, which has painted and glued pages drying. But for now, it’s time for bed.