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Silent night

It’s snowing tonight, white speckles sifting through the skies to alight gently upon the ground. There is a gentle – almost imperceptible – rustle to snowfall, and an insulative quality to the resulting covering that blankets the world. There is a glow, too, that is incomparable to anything else.

In this white noise of shushtering silence I find calm – peace – if only for a moment.


Petit déjeuner on a Sunday and what, exactly, is black and white…

(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

After making breakfast this morning, I finished up my ‘color’ postcards for the year-long swap I’ve organized. This month’s theme was black and white, and while contemplating the different concepts that I’d been thinking about, winter scenes and snow were what finally tied my attention.

It took me all of yesterday afternoon and evening to draw out the postcards on illustration board with pen. This morning, after our pancake breakfast, I resumed working on them and finished them, adding watercolor and watersoluble color pastel. I quite like how they turned out.