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Sisters of the Soul Journals… Sisters of the Heart

Sisters of the Heart

Some time at the beginning of 2006 I signed up for a “Sisters of the Soul” themed collaborative. For many, many months some of the journals were held up at one place or another, and I finally received Bev Martini’s journal-in-a-box, consisting of a lovely hand-made box containing cut pieces of gesso’ed canvas. This is the last book before mine arrives home, so I will be looking forward to seeing how mine ended up.

A year (or more, in this case) is a long time. As they say… the only constant is change, and so, I’ve decided to revisit some of my most personal issues. I’ve started sketching things out and this is far from finished, but I figured it would be fun to share the progression with you.

This piece is the beginning of my hommage to my sister, Irene. We’ve grown apart over the years, so much so that I feel she is a stranger to me now. But when I was little she was the greatest thing since sliced bread… my protector, my babysitter, my playmate, my most beautiful big sister. I was in awe of her. She was so quiet… my little eyes mistook her silence for calm, when really it was a profound sadness that ran so deep that I can feel it still as I think back. I only wish that she knew how much the love in my little heart longed to heal her sorrow.

Posting hiatus… or… yeah, I suck…

Travel Sisters of the Soul Journal

Origami Sisters of the Soul Journal

I know, I know… it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted. Mostly, I’ve led too boring a life to post anything, and my art production has been somewhat sporadic. I finally finished working in the two Sisters of the Soul journals currently in my possession. I need to pick up some boxes tomorrow from the Post Office and send them off. I must say… pretty weak work, but…

For the travel journal, I got to share my admiration of Renoir and comment (here, now) on his fine taste in women… no skinny chicks in his paintings. I felt the same way about Freddie Mercury (i.e., “Fat Bottomed Girls”) and can’t tell you how crushed I was when I discovered that girls’ bottoms were not of great interest to him. I’ve never been to France, but if I went I’d have to spend at least a month traveling around. Paris is a definite destination (I’m told that one can spend a week visiting the Louvre), a dinner cruise on the Seine in a bateau mouche, then off to the south to the Riviera… Nice and environs… and Grasse, where my olfactory senses would most certainly go wild. I’d at one time in my life fantasized about becoming a “nose”. I love the food and the wine, and I’m sure, once out of the larger cities, they’d be happy to hear me spouting the language in my Quebecois French, no matter how provincial it sounds. “Un accent mignon”…

The origami book proved a bit more difficult… I was going to invent a whole story about a mermaid and the hippocampus. I’m about as dexterous folding paper as I am skilled at conversing in Japanese (hi… akudesai… moshi-moshi)… so… those sad looking little fishies are my handiwork. At least the mermaid looks alright… I drew her on vellum, scanned her into Photoshop and printed her out onto a transparency, and then colored her in using Prismacolor and Copik markers and foiling for the scales and boob cups. Not my greatest, nor my most inspired work, but … oh well.

These collaboratives have been somewhat disappointing lately. Everything looks so scrapbook-y and uniform… they lack soul… so I’d hoped that this Sisters of the Soul exchange would be different, but it’s proven to be same-o, same-o. This will be the last collaborative that I sign up for for a long while. It’s time to start working on my own stuff and I’m feeling just about ready… if I were pregnant, I suppose the belly button would be popped out and I’d be at 37 weeks… oh so ready to drop the kid, but not quite.