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small art 12.13.15

Such little time these days for art, even the small kind.  

I picked these inks up last week at Opus and finally got to experiment with them a little. Even the names of the inks are inspiring!

Brilliant, rich colour – these inks are wonderful!

I was able to make the first of several postcards that I want to send out to a few people in light of the holidays. I of course added a good swath of mica loaded sparkly watercolour paint as well. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Just can’t see…

Watercolor & watersoluble colored pencils

There’s some weak art production going on here… my attempt (above) at a spring themed postcard for the Belle Papier spring postcard swap. My eyes just aren’t working. My art-seeing eyes, the ones I use to see line and shape and color. I am bereft. Perhaps I am overwhelmed with things. Perhaps the pain in my neck and shoulder and the constant neural short-circuiting going on in my left arm has thrown me for a loop. All I know is that I am mighty displeased with whatever I’ve produced lately, and as I circle around the apartment, trying to figure out what it is that I have to say, and how, exactly, I want to say it, all I feel like doing is just laying down for a nap, or flipping on the TV and watching Build or Bust, or some such thing. *sigh* I’m very unimpressed with myself.

What I have been doing is reading blogs… I’ve added a few more to my links. When I grow up, I want to be like Liz (see: Granny Gets a Vibrator Blog). Maybe I ought to try something a little more primal? Hmmm…