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Dabbling… reaching…

“In chance events both emotionally and symbolically meaningful, our psychological experience of a synchronicity always occurs to enable us to move forward in some way…if we are characters in a story, the ending may not be a happy one, but the life we are living is at least one that is whole and coherent. It is the function of synchronicity to help us see this wholeness — if not goodness — behind the ups and downs of each chapter of the life we live.”

There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives – Robert H. Hopcke

Well, seeing that I have a whole lot more time on my hands, lately, to dabble and reach and maybe even shine (seeing that I got fired from my oh-so-ill-fitting office job last Monday), I’ve been working on revamping my … er … life, I suppose, but in my customary no-holds-barred way. I am assaulting all angles at once… body, mind and spirit… closet and/or wardrobe… art projects… cleaning and de-cluttering… laundering and sorting of clothing and linen-y things… and last but not least, revamping my e-presence. Chaos ensues, but slowly there emerges… order. There were several links that were broken when I migrated my “old” blog contents (from onesundayafternoon.blogspot.com) to here, and I had such great plans and schemes to bring that one (and a few more that I’d registered) to new and/or greater heights. Time–and the whittling away of my soul at the grind that was my job–verily caused me to abandon ship… so they’ve all been floating along the cyberspace sea like an unmanned armada, narrowly avoiding ship wreak, but only just. I’m reclaiming the helm… of many things. The Incubus song, Drive, comes to mind.

In any case, while I was reworking some links which had somehow gotten broken, I rediscovered a site that has inspired me in the past and (not surprisingly) did so again. Debra Schanilec’s blissmonger.com site/blog is a spot on the ‘net that is not to be missed. When I grow up, I want to be like Debra. The quote (above) was snipped from this post. Read it and feel the shine. 🙂 Oh… and if you feel like snorting with laughter, tear-y eyed (from the hilarity), then you must check THIS spot out… I had almost forgotten how good it feels to laugh… have you, too?

Coming soon: an e-interview with Jill Badonsky to discuss the release of her newly released book The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder.

Creative urges…

I’ve been circling my art supply laden dining room table like a dog on a walk, looking for the right spot to relieve himself. It’s a strange analogy but certainly reflective of how I feel lately. I’ve been slow in getting going, rooting around in my imagining, sniffing out the root of that creative kernel… that ah-ha moment when you hit pay dirt… there it is! So fleeting, though… if it’s not immediately captured, it shifts in the sand and requires more digging, more sniffing.

I’ve been so busy lately… with work… with a whole new project that I brought forth into the world by virtue of my indignation at being shut down so completely that I was made mute. I’m not good with mute. To summarily remove my ability to express myself brings about a sort of rage, an all-consuming force that propels me into motion. So out of chaos was borne cohesion… and a re-ignited community of phenomenal beings.

I am resentful of the days moving too fast, though too slowly as well. I live for the freedom of the weekends, but even those seem to be overladen with responsibilities that I can barely scratch off the top of my to-do list without adding them again to the bottom. I used to be so organized… what happened? I had this whole chore thing down to a science. Somewhere along the way I lost my oomph. Now I just sit and stare at the list and short circuit, and wonder how I will get all of that done and still have time to do what I really want to, which inevitably involves the creative process in some way. But when I sit down to create, I am unable to dig deep enough into the silence of myself to pull anything out. Frustration ensues… they say that sometimes the act of lovemaking is enough, even without coitus. Perhaps I need to apply this same concept to my creative efforts. Just showing up is sometimes enough.