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Tattoo time


I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a long time, but each time I’d make an appointment, when the time came I’d end up cancelling it. Mostly it had to do with not being sure about the artist who would be working on me. Well I finally made an appointment and kept it! I found OC Tattoo by doing a Google search, and when I saw that one of the artists was called “Gabe Csobi” I knew I’d found the right place. I emailed Gabe on his MySpace site and we set an appointment for last night. I had printed off a bunch of images for reference, and he freehanded the general shape of my wristband, and then set to work.

Well, everything anyone who has had a tattoo done ever told me about it hurting was true… but I knew that going in, so I was prepared to sit. There is a lot of shading, and there is no black outline, so it’s all tiny little pinpricks of pigment being built up. The top of my arm was certainly much less sensitive than the sides and bottom. I go back in about ten days for the second sitting. I love what he’s done so far!