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The gently falling snow reminded me of this Vonnegut verse that my friend Kelly Kilmer shared on Facebook today:

‎Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place. ~Kurt Vonnegut

Art journal play

Still a work-in-progress, but it started as a Sharpie sketch on card stock that I cut out and pasted down into a journal I made in a Kelly Kilmer class with a ready background (which was basically a print pulled off from the paint saturated journal cover).  Not done with it yet, but it’s a start.  She smacks of flowery faced Blodeuwedd.

Prompt-A-Day journal entry

It’s a w-i-p (work in progress)… I’ve worked about as much on it tonight as I want. This is from Kelly Kilmer‘s prompt-a-day thingie… the prompt for tomorrow (the 8th)… layering several colors of paint, collaging paper and a couple of focal images… and I painted the center image in acrylic over the pasted down background paper, which had spots of wax on it.  If you haven’t checked out Kelly’s Prompt-A-Day online group, I highly recommend it… daily prompts and artsy fartsy how-tos for a month for $25 a month… that’s less than a daily cup of coffee at Starbuck’s… DO IT.

On leaving no stones unturned… and letting go…

I decided to work in one of my own journals this morning… I’m always so busy doing stuff for everyone else (via collaborative projects) that I often neglect doing things for my self… my own pleasure. So… the above photo is what it looks like at the moment…

Moving along to some other thoughts… I’ve managed to get all tangled up with someone who had no inkling about having gotten entangled (I’m good at that kind of thing)… long distance, no less! And of course, I’m terribly embarrassed about the whole sordid mess… and realizing (with some relief) that it would probably have been disastrous anyway.

I hope to someday find someone who will match me in intellect as well as spiritual-personal depth. In Steve I’d found an intellectual match, but the other part is still under major construction. Man, it’s tough… :^P

So, in the spirit of leaving no stone unturned…

I can’t say enough good things about Chet Day… I’ve been receiving his meditation emails for several years now and they are always incredibly timely in their nature, and always useful. Today’s was…

Chet Day presents
EarthLeaves Meditations
More Musings on Letting Go for Peace of Mind
March 1, 2009

Dear Adriane:

For this week’s meditation, we turn to Chuang Tzu, an
influential 4th century Chinese philosopher, who tells

Flow with whatever may happen and let your
mind be free: Stay centered by accepting
whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.

Take the usual long, slow deep breaths until you’re
calm and focused.

Now flow with whatever’s going on around you. If it’s
noisy, flow with the noise. If it’s quiet, go deeper
into the quiet.

As you breathe in again, accept everything that’s going
on around you and within you. Hold that breath and
accept it all right now.

Now slowly exhale and let go of everything you just

Whoa, that is the ultimate!

Work with this meditation every day this week.

Until next time,


Chet Day
Editor, EarthLeaves Meditations


Chet Day
P.O. Box 755
Earl, NC 28038-0755

Being in a transitory stage of my life right now -in oh so many ways- (though, truth be told, when are we not, if we are continually evolving as humans? the only constant being *change*…), this was particularly useful to me. Letting go… going with the flow. 

I also signed up for Kelly Kilmer’s Prompt-A-Day thingie for March…a prompt to do a daily check-in with myself… just what I need… to unravel the tangled ball of yarn that I am.

Another Moleskine sketch

Playing with my water soluble color pencils (though I didn’t apply any water to them this time… at least not so far). I found out that Barron Storey now has a blog from my friend Kelly… woo-hoo! I’m a huge fan of Barron’s work and have one of his pieces hanging in my bedroom. Hope to see more of his stuff… maybe at San Diego Comicon.

Breakfasts, birthday bashes and other revelry

This morning I awoke and headed over to the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana to have breakfast with my pal Kelly Kilmer. Kelly and I don’t get to see much of each other since she lives in West L.A. and I don’t get out much, so when ever she teaches a class at The Art Bar in Santa Ana, we take advantage of meeting up and chowing down on some eggs and bagels together… and the mug of hot chocolate… to die for!

We shot the breeze for a couple of hours and then exchanged birthday goodies… Kelly’s birthday was at the end of October but I missed meeting with her around that time so I brought her giftie along with me to breakfast… she have me my birthday present as well, so we had fun opening and perusing.

The afternoon was spent at Boomers, celebrating Gabriel’s 12th birthday. We tried to have the party at the bowling alley, but by the time I called, the only party package for the day that was available was a 10:30am timeslot. The boys had fun playing in the arcade and running around the park. While they did that, I sat at a table and sketched a gargoyle.Let me elaborate on the significance of the gargoyle. I had my first coaching session with my KMCC coach on Saturday morning. I’m glad I waited to start until after the holidays, since havoc reigned from much of November through the beginning of January. I now am able to re-focus on The Gothica Project, which has lain unattended to for several months now. Bonnie and I decided that I needed to inject some “fun” energy into this project, because I’ve been taking it so seriously and my perfectionism was keeping me from moving forward, and some “Arnold” energy to act as a protective force when I was stalled by my inner critic… so I decided that gargoyles would embody both aspects of these energies, acting both as a protective force, and also, in their “impish” incarnations, embody a “fun” energy. I decided that I would sketch a plethora of gargoyles and they would impishly appear throughout the pages of the Gothica book.

Later on Saturday, my friend Bonnie and I went to an English tearoom in Costa Mesa for afternoon tea. The place is called the Tea & Sympathy Cafe… the teas were very lovely and we had a three-tiered tray of quiche, finger sandwiches and some tiny desserts… one was a chocolate covered petit-four with chocolate cake and raspberry mousse filling which tasted wonderful!