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Tea dregs & fortune-telling…

I wasn’t kidding about reading tea leaves… well, yes I was, but since I had some tea last night and peered into my cup this morning to find this very cool thing, I thought I’d photograph it. Doesn’t it look like an eye… or a sun?

In any case, I think it looks cool. And I’ll go so far to say that I dub it to be a good omen. You tea leaf readers out there are welcome to comment.

I worked in my journal for the first time in several days this morning. I love Howl’s Moving Castle… it’s one of my favorite movies, and Howl is one of my favorite heros… and Miyazaki one of my favorite animators. I loved Dianna Wynne Jones’ book, and felt that the story should have been stuck to, but I still love the movie.

I was inspired to sketch Howl… it’s a work in progress… not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. The left side was “pre-painted” in the class (taught by Kelly Kilmer) when we made the book.