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The Black Journal

I am drawn to contrasts, and so decided, since I ended up signing up for two groups in the Art Erratica Color Journal Round Robin, that I would make a white journal and a black journal. I love the look of gel pens on black paper, although I didn’t exploit that much at this point… I’ll see if there are any pages left at the end of the project.

I ended up using transparency film a bunch, backing it with metallic something-or-other… metal tape, metallic papers or gilded sheets. On one, I made a composite in Photoshop of some old family photographs. I love using Photoshop-I can remember when I was too afraid to even try to play in it. Now I just forge ahead and experiment. I’m sure my use of it is laughably fundamental but I can still get it to do what I want, and that is the important thing.