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Sisters of the Soul Journals… Sisters of the Heart

Sisters of the Heart

Some time at the beginning of 2006 I signed up for a “Sisters of the Soul” themed collaborative. For many, many months some of the journals were held up at one place or another, and I finally received Bev Martini’s journal-in-a-box, consisting of a lovely hand-made box containing cut pieces of gesso’ed canvas. This is the last book before mine arrives home, so I will be looking forward to seeing how mine ended up.

A year (or more, in this case) is a long time. As they say… the only constant is change, and so, I’ve decided to revisit some of my most personal issues. I’ve started sketching things out and this is far from finished, but I figured it would be fun to share the progression with you.

This piece is the beginning of my hommage to my sister, Irene. We’ve grown apart over the years, so much so that I feel she is a stranger to me now. But when I was little she was the greatest thing since sliced bread… my protector, my babysitter, my playmate, my most beautiful big sister. I was in awe of her. She was so quiet… my little eyes mistook her silence for calm, when really it was a profound sadness that ran so deep that I can feel it still as I think back. I only wish that she knew how much the love in my little heart longed to heal her sorrow.

Reference images are laid-out

I’ve selected the images and laid them out. Now to start work on rendering them and then painting… nothing is ever simple with me, eh? Why I can’t just do something simple (like a collage or use some decorative papers) is beyond me. I always have to push myself to my creative limit.

So… here we go again…

Performance anxiety and the blank sheet…

I’ve printed out all of the reference images that I intend to use for my “colors of India” piece/postcards. Again, I plan on using a larger sized 400lb watercolor paper sheet and cutting into nine pieces once I’m done. My pens and pencils are at their ready and yet I’ve been circling the table warily, not quite ready to get started. You know I’ll feel a sudden rush of inspiration at 9PM tonight, after an afternoon of birthday partying with a pack of eleven year old boys at Boomers, just minutes shy of my bedtime, don’t you? Yes… of course.

Instead of sitting down at the table, I’ve been surfing the ‘net and ogling other people’s work… reading little snippets of book reviews and excerpts on Amazon… looking for an elusive csoki csucs recipe… and have finally decided that I must categorize and itemize my watercolors and gouache on an Excel spreadsheet, and perhaps make a run to Sterling Art to fill in some (if any) gaps I have in my colors. Alas… my large Ziplock bag of paints is calling…