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Room for a view…

I’ve been rather silent lately… no doubt the few readers I had have long since stopped coming by, seeing that there was nothing new, so to speak, going on here, though that certainly couldn’t be farther from the truth as to what has been transpiring in my life.

I am now back in Canada, a few minutes away from Vancouver (well, less than an hour, preferably by train). We’ve had moves to and from storage units… a “lice incident” the day before Gabriel was to start eighth grade (though because of bulging class sizes, we ended up having to wait another week before they could reroute him to another school, which he is very pleased with, so it was all a good thing)… boxes… so many boxes… still. But I have plans, and will slowly make this place our home. We have food in the fridge and cupboards and love in our hearts for each other, and that’s what matters, really, doesn’t it?