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Winter ATC

“Winter Solitude”
Gocco print, series of 20 ATCs

I had big plans today. Figured I’d get some biscotti baking done and complete some art projects. Little did I realize what kind of work-intensive endeavor one of my art projects was going to be. I’d worked out the layers in Photoshop to print out and then burn my Gocco masters with, but I hadn’t anticipated the length of time it would take to print five layers of masters twenty times. It did turn out pretty cool, though, so I’m going to bed happy. Tomorrow I’ll print the labels and stamp the envelopes and get them out on Monday.

Poisson d’avril

Artist Trading Card
“Poisson Ace of Hearts”

Every year, when I was a kid, I dreaded going to school on April 1st. What can I say, I became embarrassed easily, turning a bright shade of red from neckline to hairline. It being April Fool’s Day, pranks were the order of the day, usually pretty innocuous stuff. The least offensive one was probably to stick a paper fish on one another’s backs with some tape. So with that in mind as inspiration, this is the second year that I take part in a “poisson d’avril”-themed art exchange. Last year we submitted fish of all manner of shapes and sizes, running the gamut from three dimensional, fabric, beaded fish, to little watercolored fish earrings. Very cool.

This year it was decided that we would make a suit of cards, each person getting a different card in the suit, and it would be fish-themed. I chose the ace of hearts, and the card above is the end result. I hand drew the fish with a Sharpie marker, and then used Portfolio water soluble wax pastels, metallic Crayola crayons and watercolors to color it in. Final touches were added with Sakura Jelly Roll Glaze pens.

Busy as a bee

Field of Mustard

I’ve been working on all sorts of projects, and playing catch-up. This watercolor is for a watercolor postcard project for the Belle Papier Yahoo Group. I always muddle through with watercolors, the final piece never quite matching the image in my mind’s eye.

I managed to clean my desk off yesterday, so it now doesn’t look as if another piece of paper on top of the pile that was there will cause it all to collapse (not only the pile, but the desk too). I’m a pack-rat. I have a hard time throwing things away, and further, I purchase MORE things to add to my “collection” of things “just in case” I’ll need that *specific* item when I’m working on a project. Although I’ve been trying to curb this instinct, it works to various degrees.

My to-do list resembles a grocery list. It’s long and varied… everything from tax prep, to laundry, to shopping, to art projects, to doctor’s appointments, to scrubbing out the toilet. Long. Sometimes overwhelming, but for the most part I have to shut that off, because otherwise I’d just short-circuit and not do anything.

A spontaneous ATC swap opportunity presented itself a while back, from someone who read my blog. I’m about to send these off to Arizona.

Well… off to make breakfast.