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Makin’ my own sunshine


Well… not much of a summer we’re having. I can count the number of sunny days we’ve had on hands, and I won’t bother with counting the rainy ones. It’s spitting outside (again) and I’ve finally decided to pull out my HappyLight and make my own sunlight. I’ve resorted to this for various reasons.

One is that my sleep patterns are messed up. I wake during the night, multiple times, and I’m exhausted by day’s end, which currently means around 8PM. I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I would consider following the “carpe diem” adage. Which really is my second reason… attempting to squeeze out maximum enjoyment from a 24-hour chunk of time.

So they say that a half hour sitting in front of this lamp will essentially do me, its 10,000 lux touted to shower me with just the right amount of sunny goodness to pull me out of my lackluster slump and slapping my cymbals like that pink bunny in the battery commercials… here’s hoping.