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Posting hiatus… or… yeah, I suck…

Travel Sisters of the Soul Journal

Origami Sisters of the Soul Journal

I know, I know… it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted. Mostly, I’ve led too boring a life to post anything, and my art production has been somewhat sporadic. I finally finished working in the two Sisters of the Soul journals currently in my possession. I need to pick up some boxes tomorrow from the Post Office and send them off. I must say… pretty weak work, but…

For the travel journal, I got to share my admiration of Renoir and comment (here, now) on his fine taste in women… no skinny chicks in his paintings. I felt the same way about Freddie Mercury (i.e., “Fat Bottomed Girls”) and can’t tell you how crushed I was when I discovered that girls’ bottoms were not of great interest to him. I’ve never been to France, but if I went I’d have to spend at least a month traveling around. Paris is a definite destination (I’m told that one can spend a week visiting the Louvre), a dinner cruise on the Seine in a bateau mouche, then off to the south to the Riviera… Nice and environs… and Grasse, where my olfactory senses would most certainly go wild. I’d at one time in my life fantasized about becoming a “nose”. I love the food and the wine, and I’m sure, once out of the larger cities, they’d be happy to hear me spouting the language in my Quebecois French, no matter how provincial it sounds. “Un accent mignon”…

The origami book proved a bit more difficult… I was going to invent a whole story about a mermaid and the hippocampus. I’m about as dexterous folding paper as I am skilled at conversing in Japanese (hi… akudesai… moshi-moshi)… so… those sad looking little fishies are my handiwork. At least the mermaid looks alright… I drew her on vellum, scanned her into Photoshop and printed her out onto a transparency, and then colored her in using Prismacolor and Copik markers and foiling for the scales and boob cups. Not my greatest, nor my most inspired work, but … oh well.

These collaboratives have been somewhat disappointing lately. Everything looks so scrapbook-y and uniform… they lack soul… so I’d hoped that this Sisters of the Soul exchange would be different, but it’s proven to be same-o, same-o. This will be the last collaborative that I sign up for for a long while. It’s time to start working on my own stuff and I’m feeling just about ready… if I were pregnant, I suppose the belly button would be popped out and I’d be at 37 weeks… oh so ready to drop the kid, but not quite.

Winter Wren’s Sisters of the Soul Journal

Sisters of the Soul Journal Round Robin
Pen & Ink and watercolor
(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

I received Wren’s book last week and was inspired to work in it right away. Not only was the book a journal that appeared to be hand made by my very good friend, Kelly Kilmer, but Wren’s sub-theme was women writers and their worlds/words. How could I not be inspired?

Writing has been an important part of my life, too. I’ve been reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I chose to share and illustrate one of my favorite Margaret Atwood’s poems, Corpse Song, from her collection of poems entitled You Are Happy circa 1974. There are several more of my favorites among them. Margaret was a great influence on me stylistically, and remains one of my favorite writers.

Many years ago I read Nathalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones which had inspired me to use writing as a spiritual practice. Although I’ve since become rather sloppy in this practice, writing from the soul, whether in a journal or more publicly (like on my blog or incorporated into a piece intended for public consumption), has brought me closer to myself, and made me aware of my soul on a level I would not have otherwise achieved.

Another whose work I admire is Jim Morrison, whose better known by some as the lead singer of the Doors. His lyrics (and the poetry from which the lyrics are derived) are haunting and surreal, no doubt influenced by the hallucogenic drug, LSD, which he consumed copious amounts of for a time. Inspired by Timothy Leary and the Aldous Huxley book Through the Doors of Perception (from which the band found its name), Jim was attempting to use the drug as a mind expanding tool, much like the Mexican indians used peyote to travel to the underworld.

As writers, we all write down the bones… the stories of our lives and of those around us, disguised or shamelessly exposed, so that they are not forgotten… so that the people in them live on forever, and we achieve a sort of immortality long after our mortal bodies have turned to dust.

Corpse Song
by Margaret Atwood

I enter your night
like a darkened boat, a smuggler

These lanterns, my eyes
and heart are out

I bring you something
you do not want:

news of the country
I am trapped in,

news of your future:
soon you will have no voice

(I resent your skin, I resent
your lungs, your glib assumptions

Therefore sing now
while you have the choice

(My body turned against me
too soon, it was not a tragedy

(I did not become
a tree or a constellation

(I became a winter coat the children
thought they saw on the street corner

(I became this illusion,
this trick of ventriloquism

this blind noun, this bandage
crumpled at your dream’s edge

or you will drift as I do
from head to head

swollen with words you never said,
swollen with hoarded love.

I exist in two places,
here and where you are.

Pray for me
not as I am but as I am.

Art dolls… anyone?

Art dolls, left to right: Totem Art Doll (theme: seasons), Fire Art Doll (theme: elements), Healing Art Doll 1, Healing Art Doll 2, Gypsy Art Doll
(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

I’m on a major “de-clutter” kick right now, mostly due to the fact that we will be moving next week, and what better time to get rid of “excess” than now? So, I’m clearing out stuff left and right, and was wondering if there might be any interest in my art dolls. You can view my initial work on the dolls and their corresponding journals on my website (and their respective ‘themes’), but they’ve returned to me in their completed forms, fully dressed and adorned. I’ve made five of them, and they are collaborative efforts, and all are accompanied by a journal. I’ll post some images on my blog in a bit, but please let me know if you might be interested in acquiring any or all of these pieces.

Also, I have a toaster oven that’s up for grabs… it’s been used to cure polymer clay, so you can’t (or rather shouldn’t) use it for foods. It’s yours if you come and get it, or pay for shipping. Oh… I also have a small Wacom tablet, with mouse and stylus, minus the driver software (you can probably download it from their website, I’m thinking), if anyone wants it. I got a larger tablet and this one has been kicking around collecting dust, waiting to be appropriated to someone.

Oh… and I’m weeding through all of my stamping supples, my ‘ephemera’, my books, etc. I think, when I’m done, I’ll be replacing the coffee table, which now serves as a dumping ground for most of Gabriel’s “stuff” (he takes offense when I call it his “shit”), with a trunk so that I can store some of the ephemera in proximity to where I work (and once it’s full, I’ll either weed out or stop adding). It reminds me of Mr. Dress-Up’s tickle trunk… man, I loved that show… maybe Casey and Finnegan will come over and play…

Sharing art & self? Cheap therapy? Exhibitionism? Dunno… you pick!

Several months ago I put out a call for a participant with whom I wanted to collaborate on a one-on-one visual journal. I dubbed the project “pieces of me.” Each one of us was to create a visual journal and then passing it over to the other person, so we’d be alternately working in our own journal and each other’s. Being incapable of choosing one person (or a sucker for punishment, not sure which), I ended up selecting three people with whom to work (so… three people = three journals).

I have already started with one of the three exchanges, my partner being quick to send me her journal (and I had planned on sending mine out earlier, but I am LATE!).

I’ll be sharing some of my more sordid history and pulling out the skeletons from my closets. So hang on to your hat for a trip through my Mrs. Toad’s Wild Ride. 🙂 While I’m okay “sharing” my own personal stuff, I will not post the other participants’ pages (unless they want me to) so my skeletons are the only ones you’ll be getting to see and read about. How cool is that? How excited are you?! Nevermind…