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Art dolls… anyone?

Art dolls, left to right: Totem Art Doll (theme: seasons), Fire Art Doll (theme: elements), Healing Art Doll 1, Healing Art Doll 2, Gypsy Art Doll
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I’m on a major “de-clutter” kick right now, mostly due to the fact that we will be moving next week, and what better time to get rid of “excess” than now? So, I’m clearing out stuff left and right, and was wondering if there might be any interest in my art dolls. You can view my initial work on the dolls and their corresponding journals on my website (and their respective ‘themes’), but they’ve returned to me in their completed forms, fully dressed and adorned. I’ve made five of them, and they are collaborative efforts, and all are accompanied by a journal. I’ll post some images on my blog in a bit, but please let me know if you might be interested in acquiring any or all of these pieces.

Also, I have a toaster oven that’s up for grabs… it’s been used to cure polymer clay, so you can’t (or rather shouldn’t) use it for foods. It’s yours if you come and get it, or pay for shipping. Oh… I also have a small Wacom tablet, with mouse and stylus, minus the driver software (you can probably download it from their website, I’m thinking), if anyone wants it. I got a larger tablet and this one has been kicking around collecting dust, waiting to be appropriated to someone.

Oh… and I’m weeding through all of my stamping supples, my ‘ephemera’, my books, etc. I think, when I’m done, I’ll be replacing the coffee table, which now serves as a dumping ground for most of Gabriel’s “stuff” (he takes offense when I call it his “shit”), with a trunk so that I can store some of the ephemera in proximity to where I work (and once it’s full, I’ll either weed out or stop adding). It reminds me of Mr. Dress-Up’s tickle trunk… man, I loved that show… maybe Casey and Finnegan will come over and play…

Plugging away…

Close up of Sue Krekorian’s healing art doll

Well, this project has been one that’s been sitting on my shelf, “maturing.” I believe I received the doll and the journal around Thanksgiving of last year, and it was already way past the due date. I was the last of four people to work on her. I was so distraught by this doll when I got her that I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. Someone before me had added a face to the doll, but it was one I felt was at such odds with the rest of the doll that I was completely paralyzed as to what to do next. For months she sat and stared at me from my workbench shelf. I thought I could do one of two things… I could take the easy way out and just smack some boobs and arms on the doll, and be done with her… or ask for permission from the “owner” of the doll to remove the face and offer to replace it with a different one.

I ended up doing the latter, and she acquiesced. The doll sat for several more months on my shelf, as I built up the courage to remove the previous face and start on a new one. I saved the face, and glued it into the journal, hoping it will still honor the artist whose contribution it was. Today I finally started on the face, using Paper Clay as the medium. The doll is meant to be a healing doll, and the originating artist’s theme was aging and its challenges. I wanted to honor the crone (which seems to be a great theme with me for some time now), as with age comes wisdom and grace–there is beauty in age, even though we have been so conditioned as a society to overlook and dishonor it.

I hope, in the end, that I will do Sue’s doll justice, and that she will be pleased with it once she returns home to the U.K.

Healing Art Dolls

For many months now, I’ve been taking part in a project that I put out a call for earlier this year — the Healing Art Doll Round Robin. In the gallery section of my website (at http://www.onesundayafternoon.com), you’ll be able to see a more detailed selection of the dolls and journals from the various artists in the two groups that I am in. However, I thought I’d post a photo of the dolls that I am currently working on. The doll in the forefront, with the purple “hair” is Connie Williams’ doll, who is in Group 6. She will be heading out to England this weekend, on to the next person. The doll to her left is my healing doll from Group 2, which has come home to me. And finally, not very visible but nevertheless present is Renata’s doll, from Group 6, to the far left, who I’ve added a head to but whose journal still needs to be worked in. I hope to send her off to England shortly as well.

This project has been a wonderful experience for me. When I put out a call to the various message boards that I subscribe to, I wasn’t certain I’d get any response. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many wanted to participate, and ended up with a huge list of people that eventually was broken down into six groups. As I’ve been working on the dolls and in the journals, I realize that healing is a universal concern to many people, to varying degrees of severity. I am honored to have been in such great company, and that all of the participants shared such personal and important parts of themselves. Blessings to all.