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Natural alchemy…

photo courtesy Linda Treger (c) 2011

Oh how I love the ocean. It is a place, on a sunny day, when all four elements unite, with me at its locus, a nexus of spirit holding it all inside, woven into each other and indivisible.

Many years ago, during a most challenging time –though truthfully, they all feel strung together, these times, like a very long necklace strand of beads, with only the size of the beads varying– I would escape from the office I worked at near Del Mar and head to the beach. It was only ten minutes away and I could get in a good half hour walk.

Sometimes I would start with my feet firmly planted in the sand, right on the edge of earth and sea, and with eyes closed focused on the solidity of the earth, the tendrils of the sun reaching out to touch my shoulders and upturned face, the wind stirring against my skin and the waves of the ocean rhythmically washing over my feet.

In those moments I would find a sense of peace and balance that mostly eluded me otherwise.

P.S. Lynda–I miss you, you beautiful soul…

On sketches & bucket lists…

Haven’t been doing much in the way of focused art sessions, but have been managing to “doodle” on odd bits of paper here and there. This was a self-portrait I sketched onto the page of one of my notebooks into which I put down my story ideas… or actually start to write and develop them, as the case may be.

I’ve been seeing someone who is a wonderful compliment to my usual modus operandi… while we’re both creative types, he actually accomplishes things, in that he will not let an idea sit but he’ll actually develop things into bigger things… things you can actually do something with… like get published or whatever. We each have strengths and they play off of each other. This may be a perfect alchemical match yet. 🙂 And he cooks and does dishes… how cool is that?

I’ve signed up for (at least one) deco collaboration with a ‘bucket list’ theme. The concept, while not a new one, was popularized by a movie of the same name with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickelson (did I spell that right?).  So I’ve been putting together my own bucket list… a list of to-do’s before I kick the bucket. It’s an odd way to think, really. I’ve always had this impression, despite the fact that it’s been proven erroneous several times (I’ve had my share of funeral attendances), that life is infinite… that there will always be time to do tomorrow what we didn’t get to do today. In any case, I finally settled on my first pick of the 19 items (of an ever expanding, though slowly creeping) list of things I really want to do before I expire from this world.

Ever since I read Shirley Maclaine’s The Camino, I’ve wanted to walk it myself, the Santiago de Compostela. The how and when of it eludes me, but I have to trust that someday it will come to pass. It’s a long trek, but I expect I would discover things about myself that I haven’t yet… crucial things… things that will make me emerge and merge into more of who I am. Of course I am sure there are other ways of accomplishing this~I’m open to suggestions.