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Art journal play

Still a work-in-progress, but it started as a Sharpie sketch on card stock that I cut out and pasted down into a journal I made in a Kelly Kilmer class with a ready background (which was basically a print pulled off from the paint saturated journal cover).  Not done with it yet, but it’s a start.  She smacks of flowery faced Blodeuwedd.

Oh playful muse… come out, come out, where ever you are

I found these wonderful socks at Mother’s just before Christmas, and was moved to purchase them… I thought that they would resonate with my playful, creative side, and would wear them when I needed to lighten up… and have fun with the creative process.

    I’ve been feeling far too serious lately, in my creative process. Actually, in life in general. *sigh* I don’t like taking things so seriously, but there is a part of me that it speaks to, though it can sometimes be a part that hinders progress simply because it RUMINATES too much and hence gets absolutely nowhere.

      So… the socks were donned today, partly because my toes needed warming, as did my soul. I’ve begun sketching a drawing which I hope to incorporate onto a painting upon a newly purchased canvas. I want to experiment with acrylic glazes and mediums, something I haven’t done in a long time. I have had a series of paintings in my periphery which I haven’t gone on to create, for reasons I can’t even begin to ennumerate here, though a lot has to do with the level of expectation I have of myself, which on the whole is quite unrealistic. The time is as good as any to get started, and so with a playful attitude I shall begin this journey, remembering to breathe… to be gentle with myself… and that I need to let go of expectations and just immerse myself within the flow of the creative process… *sigh* *cringe*

      The White Journal

      Color Erratica Journal Round Robin
      White Journal Layouts

      Wow… I finally finished working on my white journal. The paint and glue have dried. The photos are shot. I just need to pack it up and send it off in the mail tomorrow. The photos would be clearer if my husband’s shoulder wasn’t so sketchy, and so his hand isn’t quite as steady as he’s shooting photos, but they work, in a pinch.

      Now I just need to finish up my black journal, which has painted and glued pages drying. But for now, it’s time for bed.