Where to find the rest of me…

  • This is my blogspace on WordPress. Hello!
  • The One Sunday Afternoon coaching blog can be found here.
  • I’m stoked you’ve found me… I hope you enjoy your perusal, and that you will be back for more. You can follow my feed for the blog by subscribing to the left… uh… the other left (right).

2 thoughts on “{about}

  1. Fae Logie

    I am back from Iceland but my heart is sort of still there. Up in the night (or morning Icelandic time) and reading through some of your entries. ‘armchair traveling’…I kept thinking going to an artist residency was like going down the rabbit hole. You stay long enough that you are part of a place. You live with people who make art and food and laugh and find ways around problems. They are like gifts. I miss them. Miss the walk to the outdoor thermal pool along the breakwater, miss going out to see if the northern lights are going to show, miss the tone of the language, miss my space looking out over the snowy street. I had forgotten how much I like being away, when away becomes like home.

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