Daily Archives: 10 . June . 2019

not-so-small art

Wow… what a fucking a-MAzing weekend. Not only did we do some ancestral healing work, but we eco-printed the woollen shawls that have been journeying with us since the start of this work.

The process of eco-printing was shown to the world by India Flint, whose books and in-person teachings have been spreading the art and skill of printing onto fabric with plant materials.

I have to say I am in love with the process. There is something visceral about the gathering and collection from meaningful places, or plants that have some special significance. In the animist’s world, these plants essences become transmuted and infuse the materials upon which they are laid. By wearing them, you have an opportunity to commune with them again, yet as with everything else in nature, the colours, though embedded into the cloth, are impermanent, so after a while the process can be repeated, time and again; they essentially evolve with you.

I can’t say that I understand the chemistry behind the processes, or have any skill in controlling the outcome of the process, but the surrendering of that part that wants to control everything makes the unwrapping of the bundles, once they’ve been steamed and cooled, all the more wondrous.

Here is a sampling. This was the unwrapping of my bundle. (Videography courtesy of Patricia Belen.)

Until we meet again, steam pot!