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It’s chilly outside today. I can feel the bite in the air hinting at what the fallen leaves that have begun to litter the walkways for the last couple of weeks have been soundlessly saying: fall is almost here. It’s my favourite time of year.

Nothing is more appealing on days like today (or yesterday, for that matter) than to cozy up in a quilt and read. I can’t resist a good book, even though I should be writing one instead of diving headlong into my reading pile.

I read through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday. Since it essentially is a bound version of the play, it consists mostly of dialog and scene set-up.

I loved the story.

I think we often (as we move through our lives) wonder about the choices we make, and how a different one would have changed our circumstances. This story provides a means for us to vicariously travel along with these characters and see different outcomes. It highlights the perfect imperfection of the human condition, and how much of who we become depends upon those we choose to journey with during our lifetime, and how gracefully we accept our own and others’ periodical defeats.

Prior to even receiving the book (which was an unexpected and most appreciated gift from my son and his girlfriend) I had read through many online critiques of the plot line (and the spoilers, because that’s just who I am). They were a bit off-putting, to be honest, and so when I began to read yesterday I was pleasantly surprised that it was an immersive experience and brought me back into the make believe world that I’d come to love so much.

A week ago from last Friday I took a spill while rushing to the train station between jobs. I injured my right shoulder and it’s been slow to recover. I probably should go to the emergency unit and get it x-rayed but I keep putting it off because I have such little spare time and don’t particularly relish spending it in a hospital line up. I set yesterday as my getting better or going to have it looked at limit and ended up resting instead of going to hospital. It’s getting better but I still can’t properly lift my arm from a certain angle.

I plan on working on one of my own stories today. I have a four hour shift late afternoon but until then I want to get to know my characters a bit better, perhaps write some back story. Maybe I’ll even get to start on the next book in my reading pile. And there will be Dutch Babies for breakfast.

What are you reading these days?


4 thoughts on “on reading piles, writing

  1. tehachap

    Oh, I do feel for you. I fell last August (one year anniversary coming up on the 23rd) and broke my right shoulder and cheekbone. I’m still unable to bring my right arm all the way behind me, but I didn’t have surgery and my pain level is almost non-existent now. Do go and get it x-rayed. It’s important that you know the condition of your bones — if it is broken, it must be re-positioned correctly or you’ll be very sorry. Please… Healing hugs and knowing your pain… Carol

  2. tehachap

    p.s. I’m almost ready to put my name on the waiting list for Harry’s latest. Is it actually written like a play? I don’t know that I care for that style of writing, but I do so love the Potter books so am willing to put up with it for the value of the story.

  3. theartsyfartsychick Post author

    It is written like a play. It’s mostly dialog but that doesn’t detract from the quality of the story. If you like the series I think you will probably like this one too. I can’t wait for the new movie to come out in November!

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