small art 7.30.16


2 thoughts on “small art 7.30.16

  1. tehachap

    So many thought images from this one piece of art — night sky with sun rising, a dog’s eye, the pain of a mygrain… Would love to know your thoughts as you were creating it…

  2. theartsyfartsychick Post author

    I’m always amazed at what people see and resonate with – how cool that you see all those things! I started off just smearing watercolours around on the page and then decided to block out areas with some fluid acrylic paints. I liked the middle part with the purples so I kept it, and the image on the left which looked like a face in profile. I thought it looked like an idea taking shape and the circle in the middle like a planet. Anyway… not really a planned piece, just one that came together.

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