small art 7.2.2016


3 thoughts on “small art 7.2.2016

  1. theartsyfartsychick Post author

    You are correct, it IS watercolour. The book is entitled How to Navigate Loss and a refined version of the one I created for Maya Stein’s tiny book tour, which can be viewed in this video.

  2. tehachap

    I love your little book… such wisdom in such a tiny little package. My niece lost her eldest son a couple of years ago and I know she’s still grieving at times. My sister and cousin passed in June but I hadn’t been close to my cousin and my sister had been ill with Parkinson’s for some time and the last time I saw her was not a good memory for me. Knowing she’s beyond pain is my blessing. So glad you’re in my life! Hugs and thanks… Carol

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