basking in gratitude

It’s just a smidgen before midnight; my week-long vacation is drawing to a close. 

The soft sound of rainfall can be heard through my barely open window. I could not have asked for better weather during these seven days. It’s been sunny and warm the whole time.

Spring can be so beautiful here. Everything is in bloom and the flowers run riot.

I rested, but I got a lot done, too. I cleaned for days, but I wrote too, and last Friday I read one of my pieces at an open mic in town. I’d been stressing about it all week so I’m glad I got that over with. It wasn’t as awful as I’d imagined and my son and his girlfriend came to support, though they arrived just as I was stepping off the stage. 


The highlight of the evening for me was to meet my TWSO cohorts and the very delicious elderflower and cucumber gin tonic that I had, which I had to replicate yesterday because it was the perfect drink to sip on a warm sunny day.

I have to admit that the less expendable time I have, the more precious it is. I savoured every single day that I had off, and while I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, everything I did was done with an elevated sense of mindfulness and appreciation.

1 thought on “basking in gratitude

  1. tehachap

    I’ve had Elderflower cordial before… have you ever made it? My cousin in the U.K. introduced me to it. I’d love your recipe for your Elderflower & lime drink.

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