Daily Archives: 28 . June . 2015

in the air tonight

 It’s late (10:11pm) but the night sky is still tinged with light, pinkish-purple clouds crowding the horizon.
Every now and then I see a flash of light that looks like a lightening flash. It may well be one. It’s been hot (unusually hot) this last week, especially, and the air in the house is stifled.

It’s cooler outside than it is inside. I’m sitting out on the back deck contemplating taking a shower, though what I really feel like doing is simply sleeping, which won’t come easy because not only is it hot in my room and the air refuses to move, Gabriel is playing video games and the noise of gun fire and explosions streams all too easily into my room from his with our doors open. Open doors are a must on these hot, stagnant air nights.

I’ve watered the potted herb planters sitting outside on the deck and now the scent of thyme, oregano and lavender mingles in the light breeze. I pray for rain even as I search the sky for thickening clouds. The wind is picking up a bit; maybe my prayer is working a little.

I will be off for three whole days next week and I am hopeful that the weather will cooperate with sunny but not too hot temperatures. I wanted my time off to be fruitful, to catch up on housework and chores and still have time and energy left for a bit of hiking and perhaps an excursion to Granville or a beach. Maybe. If it gets too hot my energy gets sapped before I am able to accomplish much of anything.

I’ve been drinking lots of water, too, which is unusual for me. I’m not normally a huge fan but it’s all that seems to adequately quench my thirst, which seems bottomless.

My intention was to do some journaling this evening but I didn’t get much past eating, cleaning up the dishes and counter, watering plants, catching up on email and online posts and giving the cat some love.

I did work today, so I will cut myself some slack. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.