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where do you draw inspiration from?


Necessity is the mother of invention.

This morning I’m pondering on creating a necklace. A friend, whose birthday it recently was, is coming over for dinner this weekend and I would like to present her with a gift. My budget is tight and so I’d already determined that I would make something for her, yet I have only a vague notion of what that will be: beaded jewelry pieces, most likely a necklace and earrings.

I have a colour scheme in mind but haven’t pulled the beads out yet, though having recently rifled through my stash, I know which ones I will pull from to begin. Before I start in on it, I plan on taking to the internet to see what sort of patterns I’m inspired by in prompting me towards my own creation. I think I’ll be working with copper wire but I haven’t decided yet. I love combining glass beads with metal wire, and adding stone beads to the mix – semi-precious or otherwise.

More than ever, what with Pintrest, Tumblr, Flickr and other such boards, it is clear that we inspire each other throughout the creative process. We don’t create in a vacuum. Witnessing others’ work fires our own neurons and has us connect with our creativity in ways we would not have accessed had we not been prompted by the visual stimulus; it sends us off on our own creative journey towards innovation.

I understand this, and yet while I am working on writing fictional pieces I tend not to read other fictional work because I feel too influenced by another author’s writing voice. I’ve read many times that writers read, copiously, even while they are writing on their own projects. They read stuff they love so that they can write stuff that they’d like to read. I’m working on balancing that out. And focus. And discipline. (That’s a whole ‘nother blog post. Can you say “bullet journal”?)

I love reading nonfiction, mostly, but love creating fiction, though much of what I write pulls greatly from personal experience and the line between fiction and reality equally blurs. Welcome to my fictionalized reality.

So see you all later… I’m off to make some coffee, pull some beads and ogle the internet, and commence on the baking of this cake.

Adriane xo