would you like some mustard with that scam?


Dear Business Lady (or should I call you Alyse?),

I know dating is tough these days, what with being busy with work and all. How kind of your friends to be concerned for your private life’s welfare.

I think, though, that perhaps your finger slipped on the email address entry because if you were looking at my Facebook profile you would surely have noticed that we have similar physical attributes. While I am grateful that you might find me attractive, I fall very short of being the nice guy you want to spend a few hot weekends with.

I could definitely use some money though, so it you feel like you have too much, have some to spare and want to put some cash to good use, drop some coin in my tip jar, would ya? It can be found here: http://bit.ly/RiN8Vh

Oh… and I do hope you get those brakes fixed… you don’t want to spill your coffee in your lap because you couldn’t stop in time for the red light.

(aka) “Honey”

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