knitty things


Grrrr. Starting this thing over, since I can’t seem to stay focused on which row I am working(!) despite the row counter(!) and I also can’t seem to follow a pattern *cough, cough*. I inadvertently added several stitches (like five!) after resuming work on the scarf following several months of dormancy. NOT that it was a vision of perfection prior to this, mind you, because as I mentioned earlier, I would regularly lose count of which row I was on, so when I’d pick it back up again to knit on it some more, I’d do my best guesstimate and it would not always be accurate.

SO… out come all those hours of stitches, and starting it over once that is done. It is the Old Shale Scarf by Tiennie and available as a free download on Ravelry, knitted with Mini Mochi yarn in the Brandied Apricots colourway on US6 needles. It will be pretty once it’s done properly. I’ll admit that when I started this project (ages ago) I was a somewhat less seasoned knitter. Not that I’m great now, by any stretch of the imagination, but at least my gauge doesn’t wildly fluctuate between segments and I now cast on (and off) loosely enough so as not to skew the shape of the piece. Yay me. So here I go… starting over. At least The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcasts are keeping me company.


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