Monthly Archives: November 2012

armchair travelling


Tea parties and all that

And down the rabbit hole she went.
The unquestionable draw of ‘what if?’;
necessary tractor beam for the excursion.

What goes on down there in the lofty darkness,
somewhere I’ve only been in mind?

Ever the armchair traveller,
garnering enough gumption
to finally take a plunge;

or not.

Just a cup I’ve reached the bottom of,
where my heart is etched in tea.

(c) Adriane Csicsmann Giberson 2012

through the trellis


Years ago, when I first moved out west, the oddest thing about the Christmas season was the lack of snow. Something about seeing coloured Christmas lights reflected in mountains of white show is… magical. Snow acts as insulation and alters the acoustics of a home, lending an already quiet moment that much more.. quietude.

Growing up I loved nothing more than to sit in our darkened living room late at night, the curtains to our front window open to the street to watch gently falling snow outside all the while admiring the juxtaposition of that scene against the beautiful multicoloured lights of our Christmas tree.


It took some getting used to, these snowless Christmases. Black is reflective when it’s slick with rain (which is often at this time of year), but it really doesn’t have that quality that reminds me of my days of yore.

Regardless, this is my favourite time of year, a time during which people’s hearts soften and they feel a little more compelled to think of others, and share their good fortune with others.

However you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all much joy and merriment — may the sweetness of these moments carry you through another year. Wassail!