Visual Journeys


I never know where these things will go when I first start on them. This one ended up with a poem fragment from Instead of Indonesia by Sarah Bein that I gleaned long ago in a workshop somewhere and hoarded with me over the miles. Words that meant something then, when I read them, and something now, reading them anew, different but them same. I marvel at the patterns of life, how inexplicably they repeat themselves, as dependably as the moon and her tidal pulls.

I spent the weekend watching movies and letting myself become overcome by floods of emotion. It’s been exhausting, actually. I’m not sure I’ve gained anything but I did create something, so I suppose that is good.


2 thoughts on “Visual Journeys

  1. kimpdx

    Sometimes those floods of emotions are just to get something moving. They don’t necessarily gain you something right away, but they’re still helpful in the long run.

    I love the journal pages. Love the brown tones with the blue. 🙂

  2. theartsyfartsychick Post author

    True. 🙂 Movement of any kind is good. Thank you for reading… I often wonder why I bother to post since I seem to have lost readership, so it’s nice to know someone is out there, listening. 🙂

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