More skrying… and another visual journal entry


1 thought on “More skrying… and another visual journal entry

  1. Lee


    I just wanted to say hello and thankyou for digging so deep in your blog. I am Lee from the UK and this was the first blog that I ever read, several months ago, and it got me started on a hugely web inspired journey. It is also one that I periodically return to, fuelled by so many of your insights.

    Things have been very tough for me too lately, and I understand so very very much of what you are saying. I too have found it difficult to find my path, to be able financially to fund a good life for myself, and to be prepared to keep coming back again and again when challenges roll in like waves…. at 44 I often feel so incredibly tired. Then, something happens, nature usually, and I am energised and drawn on.

    I have just started a creative blog at – for accountability mainly – but am in the throes of figuring out how to add photos etc to it. It is currently text, text, text. Am not a geek by any stretch of the imagination, and am a words person rather than an arty one, as would be apparent to anyone stopping by. I work as a freelance proofreader and editor and my website is at
    I work mainly with postgrads in the UK and EU.

    I actually think I came by your blog via Jill Badonsky. I did her MUSE class twice online, once just because and then I did the course to qualify as a Muse group facilitator. I just loved that course, but have never got round to doing anything with it…. YET. Have you done anything with your Muse work? I am sure you did that course too.

    Anyway, I have been wanting to stop by and say hi for ages. My grasp of blogging etiquette is still totally undeveloped, but hey, it cant be bad to be complimented on your blog. I will continue to drop by and will add you to my blogroll when I finally figure that techno conundrum out!!

    Stay true,

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