On sketching… and reference photo angst…

Last night I was feeling restless about not having sketched anything in a couple of days, so I took my journal and Stabilo pencil to bed with me and had a go at it. Several weeks ago I’d contacted someone about some illustration freelancing and she’d asked me to provide a sample of my work, specifically of a mother holding a child.

Well, I don’t have access to live models and so I resort to my only other alternative… I search Google images. Doing that can bear fruit, if you’re looking for something like a leaf, or winter scenes, etc… but when you’re looking for a “mother holding a child” it becomes a bit more iffy. The search yielded some results… most of them miniscule in size… the one I decided to endeavor (see above) was printed out at 150%… this makes everything even fuzzier than it already was in the first place. And, to make matters worse, my vision isn’t the best these days… I have fuzzy built-in.

In any case, this is the best I could do on this run… maybe I’ll try again. I’m going to play some more with this page… where it goes, nobody knows.


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