By the light of the moon… a little moon lore…

The moon has provided inspiration to many over millennia, and affects our earthly existence in tangible ways. Have you ever used the moon as inspiration for your artwork or writing?

I am subscribed to the SpaceWeather newsletter and in today’s they shared the following…

WORM MOON: Tonight’s full Moon has a special name–the Worm Moon. It signals the coming of northern spring, a thawing of the soil, and the first stirrings of earthworms in long-dormant gardens. Step outside tonight and behold the wakening landscape. “Worm moonlight” is prettier than it sounds.

Why not have a go at creating something lunar-ly inspired today?

I’m dating myself horribly, but this was one of my favorite songs way back when, and it might inspire you in light of the lunar theme…


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