Shifts… (can you feel it?)

I know, I know… it sounds nutty as a fruitcake (that’s what I get for living here in California for over a decade and a half)… but I really can feel something… shifting.  

It’s not a bad thing… shifts… changes… they are inevitable and essentially good things, if taken in stride.  They say that the best way to keep from drowning is to not fight the current but to surrender to its flow.  

I got a request the other day from someone I used to work with for a psychic reading, and the query had to do with finding a new job.  Funny how that works, seeing that I, too, am currently unemployed, and doing much flailing around in the sense of trying to figure out, once again, what direction to go in, career-wise.  

I suggested the following things to her…

The Law of Attraction pulls toward you more of the stuff that you are ‘pinging’ strongly emotionally… so if you are feeling needful/needy, anger and frustration, the universe will give you more of the same.  If your greatest emotion is “need” (as in “I need another job NOW”) the situations that will manifest around you will continue to sustain that “needful” state of being.  

So… I got this little meditation from one of my weekly “feel-good” subscriptions, and thought that it might help you in turning some of the energy around that you are carrying within you… perhaps by doing so, the universe will conspire to fulfill your heart’s desires…

Chet Day presents
EarthLeaves Meditations
More Musings on Letting Go for Peace of Mind
January 24, 2009

For this week’s meditation, as we so often do, we’ll
again work with a wonderful Zen saying…

   The water a cow laps turns into milk. The
   water a snake licks changes into poison.

Think about this one for a few seconds.

Then take three or four deep breaths, pausing for a
moment between inhalations and exhalations.

As soon as you’re centered and focused, breathe in
your innate instinct and ability to be kind to

Hold that kindness for a few seconds before exhaling.
Savor it.

Oh, that’s nice. The thought of being kind is so nice.

Now exhale… and as your breath leaves, let go of any
poisonous thoughts or memories you may be holding

Letting that negativity go is nice, too, isn’t it?

And that’s how you can be like a cow who turns water
into milk instead of like a snake who turns it into

Neat, eh?

Until next week,

Chet Day
Editor, EarthLeaves Meditations


I can also suggest a “releasing ceremony” to release your old job and make room for something better and more suited to what you want.  In gratitude, write down in your own words the things which are good that this job has brought you and then say something like “I am now ready to release this job so it may be replaced with one that provides greater prosperity and _________________ (inserting whatever you wish this new job to bring you–be specific and clear–and be careful what you wish for… LOL!).  

Put on some nice quiet/relaxing music.  Light a small candle (can be a tealight… preferably white… always in a fire and heat resistant container), have a deep (fireproof) ceramic or cast iron container handy, light a stick of incense, and sit for a while in meditation, starting with some deep belly breaths, nice and slow and deliberate… in through the nose, out through the mouth.  

Next, visualize your tailbone extending like a root deep into the center of the earth, and wrapping around its core.  Imagine the heat from the core of the earth rising like a beam of white light, up through the roots and into your tailbone area, lovingly nurturing and energizing you as it moves upward through your central core, stopping to clear your perineal area, and moving upward into your pelvic area, then the area just above your belly button, where you would feel butterflies when you are nervous, then your heart area, then your throat, then up to your third eye area on your forehead, just above the area between your two eyes, and finally up through the top of your head… imagine the beam of light going higher and higher up into the universe, until it meets with Source.  

Feel this connection, and now imagine a flow of energy from Source, flowing back down this beam of light and bringing with it love and a great sense of peace.  Feel the Source energy expand so that it grows to cover all of your body and several feet beyond it, as if you were in a light shower that flows over you and around you and through you, and see it clearing away all of your worries… all of the dis-ease that you may have within your body/mind/spirit, cleansing and clearing as it moves through.  Keep breathing deeply, into the belly, in through the nose, out through the mouth, slowly and deliberately.  

Finally, focus back on visualizing your release from your old job and see yourself in your new one, doing what you want to be doing, even visualizing your big pay check and how good that makes you feel… safe and secure and confident.  After you’ve comfortably secured your visualization in your mind, and feel calm and peaceful, roll up your note and pass it through the candle flame and place it into the fireproof pot or dish.  Let the whole thing burn to ash, re-lighting it as necessary until it is all consumed by fire.  

Leave the candle to burn until it burns itself out (a couple of hours, probably… make sure not to leave it unattended).  Take the cooled ashes and bury them outside in the ground.  I hope this helps, in some small way.

To let you know… I did this ceremony months ago, and steady movement has been occurring since… the tipping point was getting let go from my job at the beginning of the month.  This has created a space of sorts, and if well orchestrated, will manifest into something that Paolo Coelho calls my Personal Legend.  Time to sit down and listen to what the heart says, as we all know that nature abhors a vacuum, and when there is an empty space, it will get filled with something… preferably with something of my own making, as opposed to something random.


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