Momentous moments…

There are moments in history that are looked back upon in retrospect and considered to be cornerstones in the history of humanity. Other times the significance is tacitly obvious even as the moment transpires. Today I witnessed a most amazing event. I witnessed a re-infusion of hope, resolve and courage… of pulling together in unity… of a people that had somehow lost their footing along the path of their journey, and needed to be reminded of the journey’s purpose and led back onto the path. I have a renewed hope for the United States, and by corollary, the rest of the world as a whole. Welcome, Barack Hussein Obama. Godspeed!


1 thought on “Momentous moments…

  1. Gigi Starnes

    Oh Adriane, what a blessing to be able to follow your journey! I so admire your work and look forward to great things for you in the future. Great as a self-defining word here; my hope for you is that you will soon realize how many lives you touch along the various paths you walk.

    Watching President Obama installed as our 44th leader was so amazing! I don’t think ever there has been that many people packed into a place with no incidents. Just folks wanting change, hope, and a better future. Miracles happen everyday around us, I call them God things, but this one was hugely visible!

    You rock Adriane! Hugs, Gigi

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