Moving along… and mishaps

Even with the new lens in my right eye, I still have trouble seeing… distance is not perfect due to astigmatism, and even though the lens is supposed to accommodate for close vision, this ability is dependent upon the muscle it is encased in, which up to now stubbornly refuses to focus up close. My other eye has not been corrected, as the cataract’s progression has slowed and my vision is largely corrected with a contact lens, so it is also “fixed” for distance, which means I need to wear readers (which are currently the cheap store-bought non-prescriptive type) in order to see up close, or leave the left contact out in a sort of mono-vision compromise. This works when I’m at home, but it compromises my vision too much when I’m out and about, especially when I’m driving (ha!).

So, it is no surprise that while I am already somewhat of a klutz, I managed to miss the eyelet I was setting (not once, but twice) and smash the tip of my index finger with my hammer. The good news is that it brought back fond memories of my father, who I’d often see with similar injuries (though he would sometimes drill a hole through his nail to ‘release the pressure’ if it was too painful–fortunately that is not my case). It already feels much better.

Well, I have finally just about finished my postcard obligations… just need to address them and mail them out. Hooray! And now to get started on my chapbook pages…


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