Red frocks and red leaves

He who came in a red frock in years past,

He came this year in a brown garb.

The Turk about whom you heard that time,

Appeared as Arab this year.

The friend is one, only the dress changes.

He exchanged the garb and returned to me again!

The wine is one, only the bottles are different.

How beautifully does this wine intoxicate us!

~ Rumi

Rumi’s writings are beautiful. They are deep and resonant… they speak to my soul. I thought I’d share this one with you, as it (abstractly) fits with my rust/metallics postcard piece.

My creative process has slowed immeasurably… call it a lack in artistic stamina. I have materials for postcard production set out and ready to go, but after making less than a handful, I tire of the task and need to do something else. I’ve been feeding my mind and soul… reading… articles online and in magazines and books… fiction and non. It calms the churning going on in my mind… feeding it new material silences the chatter.


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