A study in white… and not-so-white


I finally sat down and created something today. I’ve been busy with avoidance tactics, like laundry or watching The Matrix Trilogy for the umpteenth time (with my son, who gladly watches it over-and-over-and-over with me) or surrepititiously checking email and what not, and consuming large amounts of organic chocolate bars. So I feel rather triumphant today to have gotten a couple of (albeit small) pieces done. I had to create a postcard of the month (for February) – the color theme was white. I collaged some papers and other whitish things onto one of those watercolor illustration boards. Then I decided to do a second one, but this one ended up in the not-so-white category… but I like it a lot. It’s not quite done yet, but almost.

***update: I’ve uploaded the finished not-so-white piece-done!***



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