Oooooommmmm… excuse me!

Oh my… what a time I had at my first yoga class last night. I invited a couple of my coworkers to join me in a beginner class over at The Yoga Shakti Wellness Center. I managed to follow along with the asanas quite well, and then, in the child pose, I passed gas. I was mortified, but when the giggles started, first from my two friends and then the fellow who was next to us, I collapsed in gales of laughter and it took about ten minutes to recompose myself enough to attempt the asanas again. The fellow came over at the end of the class to thank me for making him laugh so hard… he said that it had been months since he’s laughed. The teacher also reassured me that this was an entirely normal occurrence, and it meant that the yoga was doing its job. *phew!* Next time let it be someone else providing the comic relief to the back end of the room. (pun intended)

I really enjoyed the very last part of the class, when we got to zone out and then end with a meditation. The instructor chanted a mantra (that I didn’t recognize) but I’m now curious about how they select the mantras to use during the meditation portion.

Oy! I’m muscle sore today, a little, but I think I’ll be able to return for a follow up session on Thursday… hopefully my bowels will not betray me! Namaste!


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