Glittery goodness…

All that glitters is not gold, so the song says, but the sparkling stuffs never cease to give me warm fuzzies and make my heart skip a beat.

Let me elucidate…

As a youngster, I’d follow my mom around during her forays into fabric stores. My favorite one was Marshall’s Fabrics on Ste-Catherine Street in the heart of downtown Montreal, which was a several story shop filled with all kinds of head-reeling fabric splendor. My mom sewed a fair amount, and she would purchase cuts of fine fabrics and make her own designer dresses. Back in the “old country” she and her sister Irene had their own dressmaking shop… she’s designed and sewn clothes for the likes of wealthy Hungarian society women as well as Russian officers’ wives, and everything in between.

In any case, the purpose of the visit to the fabric store was for my mom to find wonderful fabrics at a reduced price. So through the store she’d go, ambling from floor to floor, up and down the aisles amongst the bolts of fabrics, with me trailing behind her with both hands out, my fingers languidly rubbing the fabrics between my fingers as I passed. My favorites were the ones made from natural fibers… cottons, linens, silks, wools, or even a combination of these, but I didn’t like how the synthetics felt when the fibers were rubbed against each other. However, what finally pulled me out of the tactile tour was the floor that had all of the bolts of fabric destined for evening wear… sequined, bugle beaded, gold and silver embroidered laces of all colors… my eyes would gleam as brightly.

Of course my mom didn’t like most of these, as her taste and style were of a more conservative, tailored variety. She’d gaze down at my soulful expression with a mixture of disdain and amusement, and tell me that the black with the gold and silver embroidery reminded her of coffin linings and brought to mind not elegance but mourning. But still, I was nonplussed. Nothing could sway me from the sparkles that entered through my eyes and illuminated my insides… my imagination.

Now I am a bit more subtle while in pursuit of my glittery penchant… I opt for interference colors and metallic leafs instead of glitter glue, but I have my share of powdered glitters that I picked up at the craft store simply because I couldn’t resist their sparkling charms… and as I gaze intently at the contents within, I shift back into my childhood self and remember the glow…

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