‘On Gossamer Wings’ color postcards

My year-long color postcard swap project is finally coming to an end. The last color theme for 2007 was “on gossamer wings” which is largely ambiguous, since it could mean just about any color combination to any one of us (and yes, I am the one who named this color theme). I chose this iridescent combination of colors and materials, adding dyed gauze, a transparency with dragonfly wings, painted twigs and tumbled sea glass to the mix. My last hurrah for the project, at least for a few months, at least in its current incarnation.

I’ve changed the format of the Color Postcard Project for 2008. Sign-ups will be open on a monthly basis, and instead of creating 9-10 cards, we will only have to create one; it will be a 1:1 trade, and folks can choose, on a monthly basis, whether they want to participate. If anyone is interested in taking part or want more information, you can join the Yahoo group by applying here.


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