Monthly Archives: January 2008

Breakfasts, birthday bashes and other revelry

This morning I awoke and headed over to the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana to have breakfast with my pal Kelly Kilmer. Kelly and I don’t get to see much of each other since she lives in West L.A. and I don’t get out much, so when ever she teaches a class at The Art Bar in Santa Ana, we take advantage of meeting up and chowing down on some eggs and bagels together… and the mug of hot chocolate… to die for!

We shot the breeze for a couple of hours and then exchanged birthday goodies… Kelly’s birthday was at the end of October but I missed meeting with her around that time so I brought her giftie along with me to breakfast… she have me my birthday present as well, so we had fun opening and perusing.

The afternoon was spent at Boomers, celebrating Gabriel’s 12th birthday. We tried to have the party at the bowling alley, but by the time I called, the only party package for the day that was available was a 10:30am timeslot. The boys had fun playing in the arcade and running around the park. While they did that, I sat at a table and sketched a gargoyle.Let me elaborate on the significance of the gargoyle. I had my first coaching session with my KMCC coach on Saturday morning. I’m glad I waited to start until after the holidays, since havoc reigned from much of November through the beginning of January. I now am able to re-focus on The Gothica Project, which has lain unattended to for several months now. Bonnie and I decided that I needed to inject some “fun” energy into this project, because I’ve been taking it so seriously and my perfectionism was keeping me from moving forward, and some “Arnold” energy to act as a protective force when I was stalled by my inner critic… so I decided that gargoyles would embody both aspects of these energies, acting both as a protective force, and also, in their “impish” incarnations, embody a “fun” energy. I decided that I would sketch a plethora of gargoyles and they would impishly appear throughout the pages of the Gothica book.

Later on Saturday, my friend Bonnie and I went to an English tearoom in Costa Mesa for afternoon tea. The place is called the Tea & Sympathy Cafe… the teas were very lovely and we had a three-tiered tray of quiche, finger sandwiches and some tiny desserts… one was a chocolate covered petit-four with chocolate cake and raspberry mousse filling which tasted wonderful!

Birthday feasts…

Gabriel and my birthdays aren’t even a week apart, so we went to The Melting Pot for a celebratory dinner tonight. I’m so stuffed I could have been wheelbarrowed home… two hours’ worth of eating… Wisconsin Cheese Fondue… Caesar Salad… Seafood, Meat/Poultry and Ravioli Fondue… capped off with a Bailey’s Irish Cream and Milk Chocolate Fondue. Mmmmm… urp! Delish! A once a year extravaganza. We would have made the Romans proud (good thing I’ve started riding my bike to work).

‘On Gossamer Wings’ color postcards

My year-long color postcard swap project is finally coming to an end. The last color theme for 2007 was “on gossamer wings” which is largely ambiguous, since it could mean just about any color combination to any one of us (and yes, I am the one who named this color theme). I chose this iridescent combination of colors and materials, adding dyed gauze, a transparency with dragonfly wings, painted twigs and tumbled sea glass to the mix. My last hurrah for the project, at least for a few months, at least in its current incarnation.

I’ve changed the format of the Color Postcard Project for 2008. Sign-ups will be open on a monthly basis, and instead of creating 9-10 cards, we will only have to create one; it will be a 1:1 trade, and folks can choose, on a monthly basis, whether they want to participate. If anyone is interested in taking part or want more information, you can join the Yahoo group by applying here.

Final "Harvest" color postcard and coaching thoughts…

Here is one of the Harvest color postcards in its final form. They are all a little bit different in color and hue, but substantively similar. I am glad that this postcard project is coming to a close because while I am pretty good at keeping focusing on ONE item, when I need to do several of the same thing, not so much. I attribute it to a sort of carpal tunnel of the creative spirit… the repetition makes me feel constricted, and it really is a painful process for me. I did, however, suggest extending the postcard exchange project into 2008, with one slight change… instead of creating multiples of one postcard for a whole group of people, we will now be only making one each, and will be alternating to whom/from whom the cards will be routed on a monthly basis, depending upon each month’s participants. That will take some of the pressure off and make the whole process a bit more enjoyable, I hope, for all concerned.

I conducted my second full coaching session with my practice client (see Lynda’s whimsical writings here), who is actually a co-trainee in my class. The coaching sessions are in-earnest, though, and I was really excited to see that we’d made some significant progress, though in the big scheme of things, I imagine Lynda is most likely the easiest client that I’ll ever work with, since she’s already very self-aware, quite motivated, and has a pretty good idea of where she wants to go. How couldn’t she? She’s been coached by Jill! 😀

As part of our session follow-up, I wanted to integrate our recap into a more visual format, so I had fun sketching this drawing which I intend to incorporate into a larger “picture map.” I’ll be doing that as soon as I’m done gluing down all of the elements of my Harvest postcards, because I have no room to work. That’s one way to ensure that I move along with my projects, eh?

Oh playful muse… come out, come out, where ever you are

I found these wonderful socks at Mother’s just before Christmas, and was moved to purchase them… I thought that they would resonate with my playful, creative side, and would wear them when I needed to lighten up… and have fun with the creative process.

    I’ve been feeling far too serious lately, in my creative process. Actually, in life in general. *sigh* I don’t like taking things so seriously, but there is a part of me that it speaks to, though it can sometimes be a part that hinders progress simply because it RUMINATES too much and hence gets absolutely nowhere.

      So… the socks were donned today, partly because my toes needed warming, as did my soul. I’ve begun sketching a drawing which I hope to incorporate onto a painting upon a newly purchased canvas. I want to experiment with acrylic glazes and mediums, something I haven’t done in a long time. I have had a series of paintings in my periphery which I haven’t gone on to create, for reasons I can’t even begin to ennumerate here, though a lot has to do with the level of expectation I have of myself, which on the whole is quite unrealistic. The time is as good as any to get started, and so with a playful attitude I shall begin this journey, remembering to breathe… to be gentle with myself… and that I need to let go of expectations and just immerse myself within the flow of the creative process… *sigh* *cringe*

      Pretty… shiny… patinaed… eye candy!

      I figured I’d post some eye candy for you today. By clicking on the above image, you’ll be launched to a gallery of photos taken during a weekend workshop given by Nina Bagley that I attended in May of 2004 at A Little Bizaar in Lake Elsinore. I’d meant to post these ages ago, but finally got to it now because of a post on one of my art lists inquiring about book necklaces. Some of the images are a little on the fuzzy side, but most of them are pretty clear. Enjoy!