Monthly Archives: November 2007

Updates of all kinds

*gasp!* How time flies, even when you’re not having fun. Busy days at work have me pretty exhausted by the end of the day. In the past I used to be able to be somewhat productive after coming home from work during the week; these days I’m so fried that all I can do is curl up in bed and take a nap… and then go out to eat dinner.

Last month I started a coaching program (as in: I’m learning to become a creativity coach through Jill Badonsky’s Kaisen-Muse Creativity Coaching training). So far so good. It’s definitely got me focusing more on my own creative endeavors.I’ve been working on the Gothica project (which is overdue, partly due to my own lagging, but also due in part to the receipt of submissions long after the deadline). So, I’ve been busy laying out the book/zine/magazine and having to relearn the publishing software and become more adept at the photo editing software. It’s great fun and I think the end result will please everyone, but it’s taking a while to lay it all out. Phew! And I haven’t even begun to edit the “editorial” content. At the top is a sneak preview of the cover.I can’t believe the holidays are zooming in! Although… I’m very grateful that I have a four day weekend coming up this next week (not to mention just a three day work week–hooray!).Hope everyone is doing well and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday night… ahhh…

I’ve been having a stressful couple of weeks at work. Who am I kidding? Couple of weeks?! It’s been more like a couple of months, yet I’ve somehow managed to keep from getting sucked under, but I’m seriously wondering how much longer I can do this.

I’ve started chewing on ice again (a.k.a. a “pica”–look it up), which indicates to me that my red blood cell count is low again, so I’ve been popping iron and vitamin C for the last few days. Hopefully that’ll set me right before I crash and burn. I’m feeling a couple of pints low, though, and it’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced the feeling.

Sleep… sleep is all I want… especially after working my *ss off all week. Pei Wei did the cooking tonight. My fortune said: You’re almost there …now if only I knew where “there” was.

Tonight a little bit of stout beer and some old Blue Rodeo is in order… and then maybe a little bit of Gino Vanelli… I must be getting homesick…