Royal colors? Hmmm…

I had this idea, see… it was actually from an ad in a magazine for furniture. The outline of a sofa was watercolored in these subtle colors, and over the top someone had calligraphied, in the shape of the cushions, what the sofa represented for them. Deciding that I wasn’t going to completely plagiarize the whole concept, I drew my own version of the sofa, cut it into a stencil, and wrote my own poem:

SOFA couch
Holder of coins and crumbs
Place where
my HEART has been won and LOST,
stolen and BROKEN
Witness to Christmas Eves and
sleep overs ~ children rocked,
BABES nursed in its soft confines
NOT merely cushions
AND springs TO support
bone, sinew and SKIN
but a cradle for my SOUL

Not sure about the colors, though… royal… hmmm… I used my cat’s eye pigment ink pads to tamp on the colors and then wrote the text of the poem onto the sofa with a dip pen and Aladine inks. The background was painted with US ArtQuest’s Stargazers watercolor palette. Then I put little glitter dots all around the edge. Me and glitter… ha! I’m not sure I like the glitter… sooo not me. Still debating on this one… any comments?

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