Daily Archives: 26 . September . 2007


Well, you’d think that somewhere in my life there is respite, but there isn’t. I’m working like a mad person at the office and leaving daily feeling like a wet noodle, to arrive home to another job… make dinner… clean up… de-ant-ify the kitchen counter… fold and put away clean laundry… the list could be longer, but I can only do so much. By the time I finish with that, I don’t feel like doing anything except crashing, so my art projects lay unattended to.

I know… I sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself. Yup, I am, though I try not to indulge myself in that sort of thing because it doesn’t resolve anything and only makes me feel all the shittier.

On the up side, I purchased a couple of subscriptions to the Pacific Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming season at the O.C. Performing Arts Center. Gabriel and I will be attending the children’s programme on Saturday mornings, and I’ve purchased tickets for a half dozen performances off of the Classics roster. I’ve not heard them play in the new Center, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that. I never thought I’d say this but I’ve grown to love classical music. I love all types of music, depending upon what mood I’m in, but there’s nothing quite like hearing classical pieces performed live. It moves me to another place… within myself, perhaps without myself, replete with goosebumps, and soaring heart and has the power to move me to tears. But then… the Incubus concert I went to a few weeks ago did the same thing; how’s that for eclectic?