Pencil sketch

I’ve not written in a while. I’ve been busy with… reading the new (and final) Harry Potter book… work… preparing food for the family… taking the kids to the pool… buying kitchen implements and stuff (including some cupcake mixes packaged by Sprinkles and purchasing a yoghourt machine)… I’ll put up some “catch-up” posts this weekend.

Things I’m bummed about lately: missing the San Diego Comic-Con this week… the fact that the recently released Harry Potter book may perhaps be the last… that people at my place of work continue to antagonize me in ways I can’t even begin to explain, but mostly having to do with an incredibly devolved person with control issues… my struggles with being accepting of others (including their patently obvious faults) and accepting the same in myself… deflated about not being in business for myself, and being able to make a living from my writing or my art… which should really be prefaced with a) kicking self in butt for not finishing my college education and b) not having enough self-discipline or self-motivation to figure out how to “get there from here” on my own… and finally… feeling profoundly lonely.


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