Monthly Archives: May 2007

Nothing but food…

And so… lunch photo… rosemary bread, cheeses and green onions with a smattering of salt

You’d think I’d have more to show you than some food pics, but alas, no… food pics is all I have for you. I purchased a new kitchen implement… a waffle maker… and have been enthralled with making food stuffs in the kitchen. It’s a long weekend and I’ve done nothing more than fritter away my time in the kitchen, and try to go through these huge stacks of magazines I’ve been covetously holding on to, gleaning images for inspiration, reference and collage. Almost through half of them now. Ah well… sometimes it’s just nice to take it easy…

Dinner… thai shrimp curry

Weekend’s end already!

I can’t believe how quickly the weekend has flow by. I’ve not accomplished a whole lot, but I did manage to get one load of laundry in the washer just now, and the dishwasher loaded and started up. I’ve been rather unproductive… mostly sleeping a bunch and feeling tired and out of sorts… not really sick, but not really feeling all that good either.

I did manage to almost finish up my Colors of India postcard piece… a bit more to do on the two top right ones and I think I’m ready to cut them up and finish them up individually… may stick some other things onto some of them… we’ll see.

Gabriel and I did do some silly, slightly demented things… like watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail this afternoon, and drop in on the comic book store yesterday. I picked up Y The Last Man‘s two first books (they’re pretty dang good) and Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days… absolutely loved the “Hold Me” segment, which featured John Constantine (amongst other characters from Gaiman’s Sandman series) and was drawn by Dave McKean, whose pen work is simply magnificent… I love his squiggles… they do something for me… and the story, well… it really did something for me as well… amazing what wonders simply being held does for the soul.

Inching along with the postcards

Well, I’ve come a little bit further with my Colors of India postcards… it’s all moving so slowly. I’ve still been under the weather, though I’m finally on an upswing… must be that Z-pak the doctor prescribed this weekend. Hopefully we’ll all be germ-free shortly and feeling spritely again.

The upper left corner has an image of Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god. The following are quotes from Wikipedia:

Ganesha is worshipped as the lord of beginnings, the lord of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences, and the god of intellect and wisdom. He is honoured with affection at the start of any ritual or ceremony and invoked as the “Patron of Letters” at the beginning of any writing.

He is the Lord of Obstacles both of a material and spiritual order. He can place obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked, and can remove blockages just as easily. The Sanskrit terms vighnakartā (“obstacle-creator”) and vighnahartā (“obstacle-destroyer”) summarize the dual functions. Both functions are vital to his character, as Robert Brown explains: Even after the Purāṇic Gaṇeśa is well-defined, in art Gaṇeśa remained predominantly important for his dual role as creator and remover of obstacles, thus having both a negative and a positive aspect.

Paul Courtright says that:
Gaṇeśa is also called Vighneśvara or Vighnarāja, the Lord of Obstacles. His task in the divine scheme of things, his dharma, is to place and remove obstacles. It is his particular territory, the reason for his creation.

I find it interesting that many Hindu gods (in fact, the whole pantheon of gods in general) have this duality in their nature. Is it so surprising that we mere mortals are “afflicted” with the same attribute? So much time and effort is expended into quashing our shadow sides instead of honoring them as an integral part of who we are… the push and pull that moves us forward… toward completion of a cycle. Each has a purpose, and each can be harnessed to move us forward. I believe that transcendence begins with acceptance.

She sees some cool art… she scores!

Gabriel and I went to run some errands and get a bit of shopping in this afternoon and stopped at Active in Irvine. There was some cool art displayed in the store and I couldn’t help but inquire if it was for sale. Turns out I was in luck… the assistant manager, Brandon Kajita, gave the artist a call and I scored a new piece of art. Michael Page’s art is viewable on his website. Go check it out…

Reference images are laid-out

I’ve selected the images and laid them out. Now to start work on rendering them and then painting… nothing is ever simple with me, eh? Why I can’t just do something simple (like a collage or use some decorative papers) is beyond me. I always have to push myself to my creative limit.