So… here we go again…

Performance anxiety and the blank sheet…

I’ve printed out all of the reference images that I intend to use for my “colors of India” piece/postcards. Again, I plan on using a larger sized 400lb watercolor paper sheet and cutting into nine pieces once I’m done. My pens and pencils are at their ready and yet I’ve been circling the table warily, not quite ready to get started. You know I’ll feel a sudden rush of inspiration at 9PM tonight, after an afternoon of birthday partying with a pack of eleven year old boys at Boomers, just minutes shy of my bedtime, don’t you? Yes… of course.

Instead of sitting down at the table, I’ve been surfing the ‘net and ogling other people’s work… reading little snippets of book reviews and excerpts on Amazon… looking for an elusive csoki csucs recipe… and have finally decided that I must categorize and itemize my watercolors and gouache on an Excel spreadsheet, and perhaps make a run to Sterling Art to fill in some (if any) gaps I have in my colors. Alas… my large Ziplock bag of paints is calling…


1 thought on “So… here we go again…

  1. ~jolene

    Sterling Art is one of my favorite art stores! Don’t ya just love the toys they sell too? 🙂

    I also LOVE Discount Art Supply Warehouse!

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