Living in the O.C.

Boys ‘n toys… (can you say… “would you please donate one of these toward a mortgage so I can stop leasing?”)

So, I stumbled through my work day today, the prospect of attending the Orange County Writers’ Forum meeting tonight at Barnes & Noble over at the Spectrum the worm at the end of the line. I arrived at the proper time, ready for a cup of coffee to fuel me through the meeting, and chatted with the two other members who had shown up. I’m committing to two (you’ve read it here folks, it’s official…) hours per two days a week to my writing beginning May 1st.

While I was at the meeting, Steve and Gabriel had dinner at Panda Express, which also happens to be right next to where the valet parking is for that side of the mall… witness the car$ pictured above… the first one a blue Lamborghini, of which only a smidgen is visible (price tag: $200-300K), then a (what’s that? it’s called a what? thank goodness for men…) Ferrari Enzo (with a ticket price of between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000) and a (and what’s the next one called? I knew they were useful for something…) Mercedes McLaren (costing something over $600K). In any case, there were apparently throngs of people filing out of neighbouring establishments with their cellphones at the ready in order to snap pictures of these things. Wonder if they were all just picking up some Chinese take-out too…?


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