Daily Archives: 19 . April . 2007

Neeeeeeext… turquoise & brown

Watercolor on 400lb cold press Arches paper…
Another work-in-progress

I’ve started on the next postcards (which should have gotten out on or around the 1st of April already *sigh*). I don’t believe in making excuses, just on making good, so I’m working to catch up on the postcard production process this weekend. I’d intended to go to the Griffith Observatory for a jaunt, but have changed my mind… will to it some other time instead. I think we’ll play catch up this weekend… Gabriel on his homework and I on my art projects and things. I picked up some little ramekins the other day at Crate & Barrel and have decided to experiment with making a souffle… should be interesting… potentially disasterous… potentially delicious… it’s a 50-50 toss up.