Walking in L.A.

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Erin Mahoney’s book Walking L.A.: 36 Walking Tours Exploring Stairways, Streets and Buildings You Never Knew Existedis fabulous. My friend Bonnie and I decided to do Walk 16 today, starting at Hancock Park and the La Brea Tar Pits. We scaled the Page Museum’s steps onto the roof top terrace and surveyed the area. I was surprised by its airy quality, feeling as if it was floating. We peeked in to the museum really quickly and decided to return on our way back so that I could pick up a few things, particularly the largest and coolest mug I’ve seen in a while.

The book suggested a stop at Mani’s along Fairfax, so Bonnie and I sat down for a cup of coffee, some healthy desserts and a chat. The cherry-apple turnover I had was wonderful, but Bonnie’s chocolate almond mousse cake was so good, I almost regretted not picking that instead of the turnover.

I’d recently visited the Farmer’s Market with Pascale and Co., so it didn’t hold anything of great interest for me, and Bonnie was not all that interested in the shops so we quickly walked through that part of the trek and onto the next, which took us past Pan Pacific Regional Park and up to Beverly Blvd. We went into the Erewhon Natural Foods Market in search of some bandaids for my ailing right heel. Every time I wear these darned shoes (purchased at the Walking Company, no less), I get fantastic blisters on my right heel! The box of bandaids was $5 and not large enough to really be effective, so I decided to ignore the smarting heel and walk on. We poked into a photography gallery along Beverly Blvd. and continued on to Vista and Martel avenues. The houses were so quaint that I couldn’t resist snapping some photos.

Back at the start of the walk again, we stopped at the Museum shop so that I could pick up the coveted mug. I also picked up a few items for Gabriel, who had decided that he wanted to go to the skatepark instead (more on that later). As we passed by the L.A. County Museum of Art for the second time I decided that I would have to make a return trip just to see the museums and the galleries along this stretch.

We were hungry for some food and decided to drive to Little Ethiopia and stop by for a late lunch/early dinner at one of the restaurants that lined Fairfax. Across the street from the restaurant was a shoe store where I finally ditched my implements of torture masquerading as shoes and purchased some $10 slip-ons. The restaurant competition appeared to be stiff as there were several establishments side-by-side and across the street from each other. Interesting food… I liked the spices but the meat we had was tough, and the slightly sour flavor of the flatbread and the dumplings left me nonplussed.

I arrived minutes before Steve and Gabriel showed up, coming home from the Etnies skate park in Lake Forest. There’s a good reason why a) they make you suit up in protective gear and b) make you sign disclaimers prior to setting wheels in the park. Gabriel took a spill and banged his chin in one of the concrete bowls and his chin was lumpy, discolored (and apparently sore). So… we spent three hours in the Hoag emergency room waiting for a set of mandibular x-rays to be taken, to make sure nothing was broken (and it wasn’t–phew!).


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